Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weird Bard Press - Open call for Subs

The fifth issue of Fantastique Unfettered was not published, but our efforts continue on in the form of Weird Bard Press.

We had a range of real world challenges that led to the demise of the 5th issue, but Christopher and I (Brandon) have regrouped and set out a plan that is sustainable at Weird Bard. Alexandra and I have spoken and I hope we can work together as well. If issue #4 is the ultimate FU issue, it was because of all these great people I was able to work with. There were many other supporting players, and we thank them all.

What we are not announcing is the end of FU. It may be that we publish it as an annual moving forward. Right now, Torn Pages is our focus, an anthology of socially aware fiction. Guidelines.

If you were a fan of Fantastique Unfettered, we hope you will join us in making Weird Bard even more fantastic.

--Brandon Bell March 12th 2014