Monday, July 19, 2010

Brief Notes on Submissions

We'll wait to do any permanent update to our submission guidelines until we've been live long enough to determine if it is necessary.  In the meantime, some thoughts that might help you to place your story with FU:

  • Read the guidelines.
  • We have received a lot of flash fiction.  Stories in the 4-5k range are preferred.   
  • Poems should have some element of the fantastic, be that a Kafka/Borges sort of influence (for example) or something more genre-specific is up to you.
  • Last, if you choose to submit something new following a rejection, do so via a new email instead of in reply to your original email.  Sending a new story as a reply could lead to your story being overlooked due to how we manage submissions.  Send a new email.  If you realize you've done this, no worries: we have it taken care of.  Just FYI for next time.