Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creative Commons Catalyst Grant Application

We've applied for the Catalyst Grant from Creative Commons and you are able to review our grant proposal Here.  Though Fantastique Unfettered is not yet incorporated, we anticipate incorporating as a non-profit is the best path for the Periodical.  While we await the completion of the grant review process, we are busy researching other funding options.

Unofficially --which is to say this is not a part of our writers guidelines YET-- if no external funding options come to fruition, we anticipate transitioning to a tiered pay system, where we have 5 fiction slots that pay at the base rate, now $10 per story, and one slot that pays semi-pro rates.  Yes, we know: tiered pay rates suck (technical term).  But here's there (Unofficial!) plan: we'll have the five slots for original work, and one for derivative works, thereby adding an incentive to write derivative works of previous FU or AeA stories.

What this IS, is adding fuel to our conceptual fire: seeking out stories that build upon another's CC-BY-SA work, or, in the instance of AeA (by the way, that is short for Aether Age) adding to an existing milieu licensed under a CC-BY-SA license.

What this is NOT is a cheap ploy to get more AeA fiction penned.  Truth be told, a writer is better off submitting their original story, get a story in one of those --more abundant-- token pay slots,  and waiting until another writer's work in FU seems ripe for a derivative work.  We'll be very selective in publishing AeA stories, especially in terms of adhering to cannon without major editing.  The AeA story that FU publishes will be written by someone who has read through Helios and writes the story that we can't believe no one thought about.  We also do not want fan fiction or stories featuring copyrighted worlds or characters.  If it existed, we would publish derivatives of other CC-BY-SA works.  That assumes previous publication of the original work in a paying venue.

All of which may not be very interesting, but if you care to see that writers get paid for their stories, then maybe it is.... very interesting.  We're in no big hurry --yet-- to update the guidelines since it will be almost impossible for issue one to feature a derivative story.  If a "Big Name" writer wanted to throw their weight behind us by submitting a story for issue one, that would be an exception.  And, of course, if we secure the outside funding, it's on like Donkey Kong.  More to come...