Monday, September 13, 2010

Fantastique Unfettered Opens to Donations

Though we did not receive the Catalyst Grant, perhaps next year when we have a few FU issues behind us we will see more success. (Insert clever comment about 'FU issues' here)  Our submission remains live on the Creative Commons site if you want to check it out and get an idea of what we're on about.

And, we carry on.  You'll notice that we have the donate button live on the site (Right up there on the right).  Any donations will go toward paying the cover artist (We already have the stories covered), publications costs, and then into the pool.  Once the art is paid for, if we receive enough donations to increase issue one's pay rate, we'll do it.  10 donations of $250 roughly gets us to pro rates (and just one of those donations pretty much takes care of the cover art).  That assumes all our stories are about 5000 words.  10 donations of $150 gets us to semi-pro rates.  For the average person who wants to help but doesn't have much lee-way in the budget, I humbly suggest a $33 donation.  That pays for a story at the current base-rate.  Include your name or company along with the donation, and we'll list all supporters in the issue.

As I've stated in a prior post,   we are not a non-profit and these donations are not tax deductible.  I would like to eventually make FU a nonprofit, but that's not going to happen just yet.  Just so there's no confusion:  We are still at $33 per story.  AND, if we can pay more, we will.

Another post will follow soon with information for placing ads in issue one.  If you already know you are interested in advertising in the issue, contact us via email.  editors at