Sunday, September 19, 2010

FU Guidelines Updated Sept. 20th

NOTE: if your story has already been accepted as of today's date, the pay rate change does not apply to you.

We've added a new pay rate for flash fiction from 750-1500 words.  Whereas short stories from 2k up published with FU will receive $33 per story, flash fiction will receive $15 per published story.

Other updates to the guidelines:

  • Noted that submissions for issue 1 close on Nov. 1st.
  • Please wait a week after a rejection to send a new submission.
  • Don't send new subs as a reply to a prior rejection.
  • Ask for feedback in your cover letter if you want it.  We will offer something if we have something useful.
  • We're going to reply to everything within about 30 days.  Those stories that make it to 'round two' could be held for a maximum of three months.  That is *maximum*.  In practice, most of our acceptances are hitting at the two month mark.
  • Check with us at the 6 week mark if you haven't heard from us.
  • We'll take short stories from 2k up, but 4-6k is our preferred word count.
Bonus: We have cover art planned for issues one through three by three separate artists.  One has been to the Aether Age and has more to share with us, another has shown us some Things We Are Not, and the third is an amazing photographer of surreal and fantastic imagery.   Official announcements to follow soon.