Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It looks suspicious when a site has no updates, so with that in mind, here are a few items that may be of interest to readers:

  • No word yet on the Catalyst Grant, though today is the listed announcement date, so we should know something soon.
  • Our first acceptances are due to go out in the next week.  Good stuff!
  • We are looking to increase issue one from six stories to ten.  This is not set in stone but is probable.
  • The over-due ability to make donations should go live this weekend.  All donations will go toward costs like cover art and publication costs.  (and you can scan below to my earlier post about paying the writers increased rates if we received enough donations.  That stands, but realistically, I'll be ecstatic if we garner enough to pay our cover artist).
  • Thanks for keeping track of our path toward issue one.  We think you're going to enjoy it.
  • Oh, and a bonus: Release date will be December 8th 2010.  Probably.  ;)