Friday, October 1, 2010

The Aether Age Pre-Order is Now Live! Plus: HR 5K & Kindle

You may now pre-order your copy of The Aether Age: Helios HERE, in soft or hardcover!  Please call your mom, grandma, aunt, and that dude you talk to on the bus and get them to order their copy, too.

 Our release date of November 29th is the 5th birthday of Hadley Rille Books.  We are honored at the treatment Hadley Rille has given The Aether Age, and in all seriousness, we hope you'll take this opportunity to buy our book from them, or if not AeA, then anything from their catalog: there is something to suit about any taste.

The Aether Age Helios is our first CC-BY-SA project and many of the ideas from AeA went on to fuel our ideas here with Fantastique Unfettered.  If you are not familiar with the AeA anthology, go to the site and check out the trailer.  We have more music coming soon as well from The Chameleon Chamber Group and audio work from TC Parmelee & Paul Rothchild.

Hadley Rille is running a book drive to sell 5k books in celebration of this event, and we want AeA sales to comprise a good chunk of that goal.  As an added bonus To You, Hadley Rille will give away a Kindle.  So GO! Order your AeA copy (discounted since you are buying direct from the publisher), and check out the Hadley Rille Library ) and register to win the Kindle.  Hadley Rille 5K, for the win!