Sunday, October 31, 2010

Issue One Reading Period Closes

As of midnight CST, Fantastique Unfettered is closed to subs.  The reading period for Issue Two opens on January 1st 2011.

Thanks to all the writers and poets who sent work our way.  I plan to do a post on 'the numbers' before year's end, so keep an eye out for that.

We have under a dozen subs left to read, and about that same number already in our 'round two'.  Final word should reach all writers by this time next week and we'll have our TOC post soon after.

If you are a writer or poet who sent us a story (or an interested reader), please blog, tweet, facebook, or otherwise share us with your readers, friends, & family.  And buy a copy of issue one when it is available: that's the best support you can give us.  We intend that you'll be very happy with the content.  We will have a letters to the editor feature: let us know what you think once you read FU!

Beyond that, order your copy of The Aether Age: Helios.  Issue two has an AeA cover wanting for some like stories, so maybe you'll find inspiration for your own Aether Age tale.  Pre-order & enter to win the Kindle 3G from Hadley Rille.  If you can't place an early order, place one on Nov. 29th through Amazon, in honor of Hadley Rille Book's 5th anniversary.

We remain open to ads as well as nonfiction content for most of November.  Ads are an affordable way to support us while getting more eyeballs focused toward one of your own projects.

Take care, and we have more content coming while we wait for issue one.  Due December 8th.