Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(Unless) aka The FU issue that Winked at Aether Age

We're nearing the end of our first reading period: deadline is Nov. 1st for issue one.  Then we'll take a break from submissions until January 1st, when we'll open back up for issue two.  If you are considering sending something in for issue one, there is still time, and we have the updated guidelines to accommodate flash fiction.

Issue One is due December 8th.

Looking forward to issue two, we have a dark and evocative cover from the amazing artist Luis Beltran.  It is Aether Age inspired (and if you want a peak prior to time, you'll want to buy issue one!), and in honor of this and the release of Aether Age on Nov. 29th, Issue Two (Unless) will feature new AeA fiction.  The guidelines over at the Aether Age site certainly need to be updated in terms of the timeline (the book's is much more condense that the guidelines originally described, taking place from about 600 BCE to about 100 BCE), but that coupled with a reading of the anthology will serve interested writers in creating tales in those implied spaces: the first Olympics in the Valley of Cataracts on Selene, what happened to those soldiers left on Themis, or to the airship Theseus in Skyros.

There is plenty of conceptual leeway for more tales in the Helios Era, and I hope to select one or several to honor Beltran's cover.  I'll not be doing a themed issue, so all story types that fit our guidelines will remain welcome.

Thanks for all your support and interest.  The greatest gift you can give us is to buy FU when it comes out, buy the other M-Brane publications, and spread the word to your local bookseller, librarian, and family & friends.  If you go to Hadley Rille and pre-order Aether Age now, you can also enter to win a Kindle 3G.