Monday, November 29, 2010

The Aether Age: Helios Available Today

November 29th, 2010 markes the publication date of the trade paperback edition of The Aether Age: Helios from Hadley Rille Books, available via Amazon.  The hardback will be available in coming days.  Edited by Christopher Fletcher of M-Brane SF and weird fiction writer Brandon H. Bell, the anthology presents stories taking place in a shared world in which the Earth passes into the titular aether, prompting industrial (and social) revolutions and a subsequent space race.

The book features a detailed timeline, period quotes, a book club guide, and is framed as though only the first third of a translated codex, promising more journeys into the aether in future Aether Age volumes, Tartaros and Cline.

The Writers and their stories:

  •          Introduction: Eric S. Raymond
  • Advance Gratitude                     Jeff Kozzi
  • The Apprentice                           Christopher Fletcher
  • The Arms of the World               Edward W. Robertson
  • The Birth of Hellas                     Regan Wolfrom
  • The Bounds of Set                      Heather McDougal     
  • Bringing the Waters                   Theresa Crater
  • Dreamer of Protocol 13              Georgina Bruce
  • First Step, Last Breath                Jaym Gates
  • Flight of the Ibis                         Fadzlishah Johanabas bin Rosli
  • Goga's First Law                        Rick Novy
  • Heart of Carnelian                      Christine Lucas
  • The Inspiration of Philocrates    Edward W. Robertson
  • Looking Down on Athena          Guy Stewart
  • Margin of Error                          William Wood
  • New Beasts                                Brandon H. Bell
  • The Oracle                                 Quin Battreal
  • Orion's Dawn                             Christine Lucas
  • Phobos                                       Cliff Winnig
  • The Shadow of Phrixos             Fadzlishah Johanabas bin Rosli and Jaym Gates

A book trailer (featuring the music of the Chameleon Chamber Group), press kit, and more may be found at .  Other interesting, related projects like T.C. Parmelee's audio versions are to follow as well.