Monday, November 8, 2010

(Kalpa): Fantastique Unfettered Premier Issue TOC

Fantastique Unfetttered: A Periodical of Liberated Literature is set for a December 8th release of the premier issue, hot on the heels of the first Aether Age anthology.  The Aether Age: Helios is published by Hadley Rille Books and due for release on November 29th, Hadley Rille's 5th anniversary.  It will be available via Amazon, and your favorite bookstore can order it through their normal channels if you find they don't stock it.  Print this out and you'll have all you need for them to order you a copy and perhaps a few more for their shelves.

 Though Fantastique Unfettered is not a nonprofit organization (a path we might take the magazine if workable) we are running it with the intention of creating a feedback loop to pay the creative people involved the best rates possible, not of making a profit for ourselves.  Please check out the premier issue in December, and if you agree that the stories are fantastic, help spread the word.  We are open to, and exploring, creative ways for funding this endeavor, and hope you will become a partner with us in the adventure ahead.

Fantastique Unfettered: Premier Issue (Kalpa) Table of Contents



  • Breaking the Spell by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (originally published in Philippine Speculative Fiction volume four)
  • The Time Traveler Leaves History Behind  (and)
  • Portrait of My Dead Brother with Burning Wing by Bruce Boston
  • In Babel by Alexandra Seidel
  • Cover Art "Death of a Soy Bean" & Design by M.S. Corley
  • Reprint Illustration for Breaking The Spell by Mari Kurisato
  • Teaser for Issue Two (Unless) cover illustration by Luis Beltran