Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fantastique Unfettered, 2010 Awards-Eligible Fiction

If you are reading for awards this year and would like access to a reader copy of Fantastique Unfettered Issue One, please email editors @ fantastique-unfettered.com.

The following stories were published in Fantastique Unfettered: A Periodical of Liberated Literature, Issue #1, Published my M-Brane Press.

Best Artist (I am unclear how to parse 'professional' & 'fan' in this category):

  • M.S. Corley, Cover Illustration, Issue #1 
  • Mari Kurisato, Illustration for "Breaking the Spell"

Best Short Story (less than 7,500 words):

  • "The Aetheric God" by Kaolin Fire
  • "A Blessing from the Blind Boy" by Alan Frackelton
  • "The Book of Barnyard Souls" by Mary J. Daley
  • "Boris" by Annam Manthiram
  • "Death of a Soybean (The Secret of Soy Atomic Fuscia)" by J. Michael Shell
  • "The Driftwood Chair" by Michael J. DeLuca
  • "Five Oak Leaves" by Elizabeth Creith
  • "Holding Hands" by Christopher Green
  • "Small Fish in the Deep Blue Sea" by Frank Ard
  • "Without a Light" by Natania Barron

For Rhysling or other applicable awards, the following poems were all published in our first issue:

  • "The Time Traveler Leaves History Behind" by Bruce Boston
  • "Portrait of My Dead Brother with Burning Wing" by Bruce Boston
  • "In Babel" by Alexandra Seidel


Based on Cheryl Morgan's comment on Scalzi's Whatever blog post (the awards pimpage post):
"While I am here, yes, the special rule allowing an extra year of Hugo eligibility on first US publication if previous publications were all outside of the USA is in force this year."
And therefore conclude that our reprint qualifies for consideration:

Best Short Story (7,500 words or less):

  • "Breaking the Spell" by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (originally published in Philippine Speculative Fiction volume four)
Since the story was originally published in Philippine Speculative Fiction IV in 2009, we'd humbly suggest it's inclusion there serves as an additional indication of the stories' brilliance.  We feel this way about all the work in issue one, but in the case of Rochita's story, you don't have to rely solely on our opinion.


I thoughtlessly used the more 'nominate', now removed, since I can't nominate anything.  And based on that same thought, I've updated our eligible 'Best Artists' with Mr. Corley's name.