Monday, January 17, 2011

Issue Two, Advertisement Challenge!

Issue Two of Fantastique Unfettered is trudging toward birth, rough beast that it is.  We've not sent out acceptances for any stories yet, but are already seeing stories that are top notch.  Coupled with fantastic cover art from Luis Beltran (and more surprises), we anticipate a sophomore effort that will not disappoint.

This in mind, we'd like to see ten full page advertisements in this issue: the rates are super-inexpensive at $33 per, and if you advertise with us now, we will give you those rates 'for life.'

We have two more funding efforts about to kick off.  It's worth reminding interested readers that FU is not a nonprofit (attaining status as an arts-based nonprofit is extremely appealing to us, but we lack the expertise right now to even know if that is a realistic goal)... AND, we are running it as though it is.  We don't want to make money off the periodical or the associated projects that will come down the line.  We seek to fund FU to the point that it pays its way, and then push it on to be a higher-paying market.  The eventual goal is to grow into a pro-level pay market.  This is an improbable sort of endeavor, but... either we'll prove that it is impossible for indie success in this gig, or we'll do something amazing.  We're shooting for amazing, and we need you to do it.

Right now word of mouth is our best currency.  Spread the word.  Buy an extra issue to share with someone you know will dig it.  Once you've read the issue, share your thoughts in an Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Powell's review.  Every little bit helps and is tremendously appreciated.

OK, so: $33 for a full-page ad in our Spring issue (End of April, beginning of May)... we need 10 takers!  email us at editors @