Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Schedule, Distribution, and a Look Ahead

Please check HERE for our 2011 schedule.  Canny readers will notice that while we are getting four issues out in our first year of publication, our schedule sees us produce three issues in the 2011 calendar year, so 'quarterly' is no longer correct.

While you are surfing the site, see our Distribution page.  This is for wholesale orders.  For individuals wanting to order single issues of the magazine, vendors like B&N, Powell's, or Amazon tend to have better prices, but order just a few more and wholesale become more economical.  More questions about this, contact our publisher at mbranesf (at) gmail.com.

Subscription options... Are coming.  Likely prior to issue two's release.

Beginning with Issue Three, we'll open to creative nonfiction in addition to fiction and poetry.  Guidelines will be updated prior to the reading period.

Finally, a note about 2012.  Much can happen in a year, so all plans that far out remain provisional.  I suspect in 2012 you will see FU consolidate down to either a bi-annual or annual format, but at an increased pay rate.  Semi-pro or Pro rates are on the table.  I'd also like to see a greater emphasis on the artwork.  In fact, the 'book as object' concept taken to the extent that our resources will allow is the goal that I imagine for FU, so any interested artists should check with me.

Issue two is pending... see you soon.


image courtesy of http://www.fromoldbooks.org