Monday, April 11, 2011

FU#1 Reviewed; Issue Two Pending; Hail Caesar

Our First Issue Reviewed...
Nader Elhefnawy, writing for The Future Fire's review site, posted a comprehensive and quite positive review of our first issue.  Please check it out HERE.  I'll note that Mr. Elhefnawy released his review under the same license that we use at Fantastique Unfettered, including easy-to-use attribution text at the end of the article.  I am not reprinting the article here, because I hope you will visit their site to read it, but please consider reposting the review on your own site or blog (with the attribution text intact. And by all means, leave your link in the comments.)  

Issue Two Is Almost Here...

 I expect to see the second issue available by the 29th. It, like the first issue, remains primarily a print periodical, but in addition we intend to introduce a PDF subscription in the next week.  Ebook/ePub versions are planned but not a deliverable at this point.

Creative Commons Editorial...
Last, You can preview some of our Issue Two contents online right now.  We have a feature, blurbed on the cover as "Why Creative Commons?"  The final version will include commentary from some of the Issue One and Aether Age authors, but in the meantime you can check out my own editorial on the subject at --at least-- the following sites.  Consider adding your own to the list: feel free to add your link to the comments.

Thanks to all the folks at the other ends of those links, as well as the others who helped us get in touch with each other.  We appreciate it!


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