Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fantastique Unfettered Nonfiction

From our updated guidelines...
Nonfiction: We are interested in reviews or other in-depth nonfiction articles for inclusion within the print zine or as blog posts on the site.  This is 'not-for-pay' at this time, essentially a task as an 'associate editor' where all editorial staff tasks are done on a volunteer basis.  We are only interested in original material (no reprints) but once posted on the site or included in the print zine, the items will exist under the cc-by-sa license with the ability to reprint elsewhere.  Reviews of current releases, classic fantastic works, or 'forgotten' works are preferred, either small press or mass market.  Feel free to send such items as attachments like the fiction guidelines describe to editors -at- fantastique-unfettered -dot- com .  If you have some other idea, just query and we'll let you know if interested.
Thanks everyone.

image courtesy oldbookart.com