Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing FU Poetry Editor, Alexandra Seidel

Along with this introduction, I'll note some small changes to our poetry guidelines.  You may send up to five poems at a time and may immediately send a new submission should you receive a rejection.  It is acceptable to send your poem(s) in the body of your email.

With no further ado, here's a few words from Alexandra:

So Brandon asked me for a blurb. Here goes: I'm a strict vegetarian, a martial artist, a writer, a poet, a critical reader and a daydreamer. I like strange, places, people, ideas. Religion isn't for me, really, but I'm very open to Buddhism. I don't much care about being pinned down or figured out.
I am extremely grateful to Brandon for trusting me with editing the poetry for FU. I suppose I should mention that I take this quite seriously and also that I tend to be very critical with my own writing. As an editor, I can be no less critical with the sort of thing I choose for publication, anything less would be plain wrong. My intention is to make FU's poetry section a shiny thing of wonder and delight, and to the best of my ability, bring something noteworthy to the field of spec poetry. I know I can be ambitious, please indulge me :) 

Send Alexa your poem today.  Issue Three is going to be amazing.  In the meantime, our second issue will be available by Friday.  It features, I should mention, only one poem.  But what a poem it is.  If you love all things Arthurian, you are in for a treat.  And if not, you might just be swayed.  Check back here for direct links to your favorite retailers.  Happy reading!

Take care,