Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Issue #3 status | Issue #4 notes

The publication date for issue #3 has slipped, but our publisher is making the final preparations now, and then we will need to wait for the proof to arrive via post.  Tentatively, Friday September 9th is my expectation for the publication date, and if we get it a few days earlier, all the better.
Please note the updates to the guidelines.  Regarding story length, we can be soft on that upper limit now, but come 2012 it will be a hard limit.  This goes in hand with a new pay rate to debut in the new year.
Issue Four will have some big hitters in it (buy issue three to see the cover teaser at the end of the zine!)....
And, we only have a few months left in the year.  So that we are not running behind for our one year anniversary issue, we will send acceptances for stories and poems as we make the decisions, and close to submissions once we are full. This time around, you will benefit from submitting early.