Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Annual Halloween Fundraiser

Announcing the Fantastique Unfettered First Annual Halloween Fundraiser

What's it for?
  • We are working on some extraordinary projects and milestones:
  • A very special issue of FU, Shakespeare Unfettered.
  • Launching the Aether Age ezine.
  • An increased pay rate for fiction in 2012.
  • And of course our one year anniversary issue this December.
Where do my donations go?

To further literature that explores the cracks in the genre boundaries, to give new voices to old tropes, to bring the strange, weird, and wonderful to readers all around the world, to support writers, poets, artists (of every skin color, religious belief, sexual orientation...); to give room to unfettered voices.

What can I do?
  • Donate $5 or $10 to support a poem
  • Donate $15 to support a flash story
  • Donate $33 or $50 to support a short story
  • Donate $66 to support the cover art in one of the issues
  • Donate $100 to get your name published in issue four as an official FU sponsor
  • Donate $600 to fund an issue in 2012
I don't have cash, what else do you need?
  • Reviews!  Especially on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, & Powells.  Be honest. Some stories work better than others for a given reader.  That's great information for potential readers.  We have pdf review copies of all issues.
  • Blog about us!  Reviews are valid, but we are also available for interviews.
  • Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, (ahhhhh, wherever you hang your virtual hat), become a follower on Twitter @FUnfettered...