Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poetry stats, issue 4 of Fantastique Unfettered

Poetry slush by the numbers:

We received 32 submission batches from 30 authors, a total of 89
poems. This is less than last submission period, but that may well be
attributed to the fact that we closed to subs early. While many of the
subs for #3 came in late, this time it felt like more was coming in on
a day to day basis. The three poems for the Mike Allen Special Feature
are not included here.

Poetry slush by gender:

male: 16, accounting for 59.38% of all submssion batches and 60.67% of all poems
female: 14, accounting for 40.63% of all submission batches and 39.33%
of all poems

Acceptances: Out of these 89 poems, 6 were chosen for inclusion in #4.
This is a little more than usual and speaks to the high quality of
this particular slush pile.
acceptance rate: 6.74%
rejection rate: 93.26%

Acceptances by gender:

male: 1/3
female: 2/3

Like last submission period, male authors sent multiple batches while
female authors never sent more than one.

Response time for poery slush: ranged from almost immediately to 71
days with an average of 28 days. Final round pieces and acceptances
always wait the longest, sorry folks!

Our TOC is forthcoming, possibly before the weekend is over.