Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fantastique Unfettered #4 (Ralewing) now available

Get it now via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Available soon through Powell's.
Azif by Lynne Jamneck
The Bachorum Principle by Brenda Stokes Barron
The Butterfly Collection of Miss Letitia Willoughby Forbes by Alma Alexander
Mr. White Umbrella by Georgina Bruce
Sons of the Law by Hal Duncan
Stolen Souls by Mike Allen (Reprint)
Three Tales of the Devil’s Wife by Carmen Lau
Vérité by D. Harlan Wilson

Mike Allen (special feature)
Seed the Earth, Burn the Sky
Sisyphus Crawls

Self-portrait by Shweta Narayan
'cubus by Dan Campbell
At the Crossroads of the West by J. C. Runolfson
Life Decisions by Kaolin Fire
Black Sheep by Jacqueline West
Clones evaporate faster by Kristine Ong Muslim

Alexa Chats with... Hal Duncan & Brent Weeks
Life is Suffering: The Writer's Point of View, Being a Discussion with Hal Duncan & Mike Allen, Conducted by Alexandra Seidel
This Inscrutable Light: A Response to Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, Editorial by Brandon H. Bell