Monday, December 19, 2011

Pushcart Nominees 2011: Bruce Boston

Relative Weights and Measures explained... Bruce Boston talks about his nominated poem from FU #3.

On “Relative Weights and Measures”
By Bruce Boston 

“Relative Weights and Measures” was composed in a rush of writing poems for my collection Surrealities (Dark Regions, 2011).  I started with one file and filled it with ideas for surreal poems, titles for surreal lines, sudden lines that flashed into my mind, strange juxtapositions.  Surrealism thrives on juxtapositions, the kind that at first glance appear startling…yet when one looks closer, can reveal strange associations.  Somewhere along those lines I started to think of all the different ways we weigh and measure the world, material and subjective, all of them linked by the common denominator of a value being assigned.  From there to the finished poem was a process of finding the right measurements to include and juxtapose.  

The result was a poem that, despite its brevity, reflects a range of my interests and experiences –

the “feathers and gold” stanza: conflicting measurements and evaluations,

the “Bugatti” stanza: Einstein’s theory of relativity,

the “nepenthe” stanza: alchemy/fantasy/magic,

the “ten gallon hat” stanza: imagination unlimited

the “guns and butter” stanza: my worthless degree in economics,

the “scissor” stanza: an observation of measurement drawn from experience

– a poem that hopefully resonates.


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"Relative Weights and Measures" appeared in Fantastique Unfettered #3

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