Friday, December 9, 2011

Pushcart Nominees 2011: Lisa M. Bradley

A few days ago, we announced our Pushcart nominees here. But then we thought, wouldn't it be much more interesting--more interesting than just a list we typed up--to let our nominees speak for themselves? Well, obviously this is a rhetorical question, and instead of wasting your time with my babble, I give you Lisa M. Bradly who gave us a short response in regard to her nomination for her poem In Defiance of Sleek-Armed Androids. Lisa already did a guest post about her poem  for us when we learned it would be reprinted in The Moment of Change, an anthology of feminist spec poetry, forthcoming in 2012.

"I'm not a spiritual person, but it felt like kismet when Fantastique Unfettered published In Defiance of Sleek-armed Androids. A periodical that operates under a Creative Commons license? A staff committed to promoting ideas unfettered by traditional copyright? I couldn't think of a more-fitting venue for my poem, which was inspired by the title of another poet's work and revels in the theme of confounding expectations. But now, I learn that FU nominated my poem for a Pushcart Prize, and I am awed all over again. Brandon and Alexa are truly committed to the works they publish and to their authors. I'd say, Could I ask for anything more?—but truth to tell, I'm a little scared of what FU might do next. I only wish I wrote more and faster, so I could send more poetry their way, and maybe score a slot in their table of contents again. For now, I am so very pleased and grateful. Happy holidays, indeed!"

We are humbled, Lisa, and grateful to have your name on one of our ToC's (so far.)  Thanks for writing!


Lisa's poem appeared in Fantastique Unfettered #3

Get your copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.