Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fantastique Unfettered 2011 Awards Eligibility - Prose & Art

Here are the 2011 prose and  artworks from Fantastique Unfettered that are eligible for (Hugo/Nebula) award nomination.  Perhaps in 2012 we will make that Semiprozine claim, but at this point it seems appropriate to define FU as a fanzine.  A separate post is forthcoming with poetry award eligibility.

Categories and qualifying works:

Novelette (at least 7,500 words but less than 17,500 words): 

Two Steps Forward by Sandra Odell, published in Fantastique Unfettered #3 (Prolefeed)

Short Story (at least 7,500 words but less than 17,500 words):

Fantastique Unfettered #2 (Unless) -- April 2011

Dividing Lines by Lawrence Conquest
Every Mother's Child by Therese Arkenberg
Glorious Madness by Jude-Marie Green
I Remember Jenny by Michael Pignatella
Me and Susan Smiling at the Beach by Jeremy Schliewe
Red Truck by William "Bill" C Rasmussen
The Dollhouse by Magen Toole
Wagon Trail by John Moran
We Are Family by Simone Martel
The Kemetian Husesen Craze by Ed W. Robertson

Fantastique Unfettered #3 (Prolefeed) -- September 2011

A Spectacular Display by Beth Cato
First National Forum on the Position of Minorities in Malaysia by Zen Cho
The Singularity of Puppies by Michael Furlong
First Born by Samantha Kymmell-Harvey
The Jelly Fish Queen by Jaelithe Ingold
Twelve Days of Dragons by Mari Ness
Two Steps Forward by Sandra Odell
The Lesson of the Pheonix by Julia Rios
The City at Night by Jeremy Schliewe

Fantastique Unfettered #4 (Ralewing) -- December 2011

Azif by Lynne Jamneck
The Bachorum Principle by Brenda Stokes Barron
The Butterfly Collection of Miss Letitia Willoughby Forbes by Alma Alexander
Mr. White Umbrella by Georgina Bruce
Sons of the Law by Hal Duncan
Three Tales of the Devil’s Wife by Carmen Lau
Vérité by D. Harlan Wilson

Stolen Souls by Mike Allen (Reprint) -- Reading through the requirements for works published previously outside the US, it is unclear if this story is eligible for consideration.  It was originally published in Altair #3, an Australian zine, in 1999.

Other Categories:

Fanzine: Fantastique Unfettered, edited by Brandon H. Bell.  (We have published four issues, three in 2011.  We pay our contributors and are a print publication.)

Related Work: Fantastique Unfettered, Alexandra Seidel & Brandon H. Bell.  This includes the Alexa Chats series of interviews; Hail Caesar: Creative Commons and the Small Press; Life is Suffering: The Writer's Point of View, Being a Discussion with Hal Duncan & Mike Allen; This Inscrutable Light: A Response to Thomas Ligotti's The Conspiracy Against the Human Race; and additional book reviews.

Best (fan?) Artist: (my parenthetical here is due to the high quality of artwork contributed by artists who are professionals in their field.  I am also only listing cover artists and those few items commissioned, since most interior art has been done in-house by the editorial staff or contributed on a exposure basis.)

M.S. Corley -- Fantastique Unfettered 'Aetherati & Automata' masthead.  Shakespeare Unfettered submissions page illustration, 'Steampunk Shakespeare.'

Luis Beltran -- Covers #2 (Unless) & #4 (Ralewing)

E.M. Jensen Cover #3 (Prolefeed)