Friday, May 4, 2012

FU Weekly: Fiction Selection for Fantastique Unfettered #5 (Shifgrethor)

We are very excited to finally announce the FICTION SELECTION for Fantastique Unfettered #5 (aka Shifgrethor). So, without further ado:

FU5_sizedFpromo.jpg (522×640)
The Forest Gods by Therese Arkenberg
The Beachcombers by Nicole M. Taylor
Falling, Falling: A Comparative Study by Sofia Samatar
The Bridge of Organic Mortar by Avery Oslo
Company Policy by J. Kelley Anderson
In Bloom by A.J. Fitzwater
Wonderkin by Stacy Sinclair

To all the writers who send us general fiction submissions, you should have heard from us by now, if not query immediately. For all who sent in Aether Age subs, Shakespeare Unfettered subs, or poetry, you will hear from us soon.

Of course we are very grateful for the many authors who sent us their work during this submission period. The choices were not always easy, but we have boiled this down to a strong issue: congratulations to our #5 fiction authors!

As always, a few numbers for those of you who find maths soothing:

Total number of submissions received: 126 (submissions sent to us outside of the designated submission period will not be considered here.)

by male authors: 77 (64.2%)
by female authors: 49 (38.8%)

submissions held for final considerations: 11 (8.7%) note: one of the accepted pieces was submitted during our last submission period and is not included here.

by male authors: 2 (18.2%)
by female authors: 9 (81.8%)

pieces accepted: 6 (4.8% of total subs)

by male authors: 1
by female authors: 5

Preference was given to authors with a strong voice who told engaging stories. That said, we would have very much liked to see more LGBTQ/queer themed pieces and/or pieces featuring POC. Diversity, people! Those who are considering sending us something for SU would do well to embrace this.

Next week, we shall have news from the lyrical slush pile for you. In the meantime, now is a good time to send in work for Shakespeare Unfettered.


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