Friday, May 11, 2012

FU Weekly: Poetry Selection for Fantastique Unfettered #5 (Shifgrethor)

This lovely Friday, we present to you the POETRY SELECTION for our fifth issue:

FU5_sizedFpromo.jpg (522×640)

After The Mistress of the Copper Mountain by Rose Lemberg
Aristeia by Sonya Taaffe
Godfather Drosselmeyer by Sonya Taaffe
if stones could by Dan Campbell
Sylvan Screen by J.C. Runolfson
All Her Desire by J.C. Runolfson
Tam Lin, Civil Engineer by Michele Bannister
Water Child by Mari Ness
The Curious Soul by Mari Ness

Please also take a look at our FICTION SELECTION. Fantastique Unfettered #5 is coming to you in November in a fabulous double issue containing not just the fifth issue, but also our special sixth, aka Shakespeare Unfettered. I would mark that in my calendar if I were you.