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Fantastique Unfettered: A Periodical of Liberated Literature 

What others say:

"Another example of the kind of zine I tend to like, when done well: surreal and strange fantasy based on unusual ideas. This one is clearly a labor of love. It has a variety of content: fiction, verse, interviews and other editorial matter, and full-page illustrations."
--Lois Tilton, Locus Online

"The stories are fantastical in the best sense of the word: strange and marvelous, full of the inexplicable... This magazine is worth seeking out."
--Terry Weyna, Fantasy Literature

"There is a poignance in these poems: an ache and a loss, a love and a surrender, a luscious melange of sorrow and love."
--Dan Campbell, Poetry Editor of Bull Spec (in his review of the poetry and interview)

"By and large the sensibility is ‘literary,’ and the quality is high (the two, of course, not always the same thing), virtually all the stories assembled here working, though to different degrees and in different ways.... That combination of quality and variety means that Fantastique Unfettered #1 offers something for many different tastes... "
--Nader Elhefnawy, The Future Fire

"...we agree so strongly with his main points: that releasing works under freedom-friendly terms is compatible with profitability and helps deserving works avoid obscurity.  It's great to see a small press fully embrace this. " (regarding Bell's Hail Caesar article linked below)

But What is it?
Fantastique Unfettered ( or FU as we affectionately refer to it) is a print magazine featuring fiction, poetry, and nonfiction features.  FU is presented in a layout including original and artwork adapted from free-to-use sources. We'd use words like 'lavish' and 'copious' in that sentence, but no one likes a braggart. 

FU authors have won the Bram Stoker award, written for Doctor Who audio,  have been published in venues like Weird Tales & Interzone, and include amazing talents you'll discover for the first time.

FU stories and poems are weird, beautiful, startling, and both unabashedly steeped in genre while refusing to color within the lines often associated with genre fiction.

Why would you DO this?
There are a few, pivotal print magazines in the short fiction landscape.  But not many.  We'd like to offer great prose and poetry in a package that is lovely to behold.  We hope it'll rock your world.  While we're not averse to other media (audio, ebook, and beyond) we've discovered that print works well for our goals. 

How do you go about it?
FU's publisher is M-Brane SF, and readers can find issues via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's, and more.  If your bookseller or librarian doesn't stock the magazine ask them to order some copies.

Fantastique Unfettered is available through leading distributors such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and others.  You may also contact our publisher to place bulk wholesale orders.

All content in FU is published under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license.  Here's why.

When does it get published?
Our first issue came out in December 2010.  Issue Two in May 2011.  Issue Three in early September 2011, and our one year anniversary issue is due in December 2011.

In 2012 we are moving to a bi-annual schedule so we are able to better pay our authors.

And Who are you folks?

M.S. Corley (Issues 1-4 Art & Design consultant)
M. S. Corley is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who is strongly influenced by literature and the past. He currently lives in Washington with his wife and cat named Dinah.

Past slush readers, now retired from this particular gig: Jaym Gates & William Wood.
Jaym Gates is a freelance publicist and editor. Her editing work includes anthologies Rigor Amortis and Broken Time Blues. The rest of the time, she does publicity for SFWA, Jeff VanderMeer, Raw Dog Screaming Press, JoSelle Vanderhooft, and others. She also blogs for You can follow her on Twitter as @JaymGates or Google+.

William R.D. Wood lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains in an old farmhouse turned backwards to the road. His profound love of science fiction and horror routinely leads him to destroy the world, whether by alien artifact, zombie apocalypse or teddy bear. His fiction has appeared in titles from M-Brane SF/Hadley Rille Books, Library of the Living Dead, Pill Hill Press, and Sword and Saga Press, among others.

Alexandra Seidel (2011 Poetry Editor; 2012 Managing Editor; 2013 onward: CoEditor)
Alexa has a powerful affection for the unreal and strange, the weird,
the wicked, and naturally, the beautiful. She loves speculative
writing because all these things come together there with the power to
create universes. She is on board as an interviewer since Issue Two
and joined the FU staff as "badass" poetry editor and reviewer soon after.
She keeps random thoughts and a bibliography of her own work at 
her blog:
You can also follow her on Twitter @Alexa_Seidel
(Review queries may be send to Alexa at

Brandon H. Bell (FU Founder & 2010-2011 Managing & Fiction Editor; 2013 onward: CoEditor)
Bell is the author of Elegant Threat, published in the M-Brane Double along with Alex Jeffer's The New People. He is co-editor of The Aether Age: Helios, founder & 2010-2011 managing/fiction editor of Fantastique Unfettered: A Periodical of Liberated Literature. 
His work has appeared in publications from Hadley Rille and M-Brane SF, as well as zines such as Everyday Weirdness, Nossa Morte, and the Lovecraft eZine. 
He is an advocate for sensible copyright and Creative Commons licensing, a member of the Outer Alliance (supporting his GLBTQ counterparts in the genre community) and a Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist.
Google Profile: +Brandon H. Bell
Twitter: @nithska

And last because he puts the rest of the crew first:

Christopher Fletcher, Publisher M-Brane Press (Publisher for the 2010-2011 print incarnation of FU)
Chris is 38 years old and lives in St. Louis with his partner Jeff and their cats Maus and Jack. He is a chef by trade, a literature student by education, and a small press publisher. His projects include M-BRANE SF magazine, a new line of books by emerging authors, THE AETHER AGE, and FANTASTIQUE UNFETTERED. He is also co-editor of the LITTLE DEATH OF CROSSED GENRES. Among all these other activities, he finds some time to write fiction, much of it infused with food.