FU in Print

Issue Four, cover art by Luis Beltran
ISBN-10: 0983170967, ISBN-13: 978-0983170969
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Azif by Lynne Jamneck
The Bachorum Principle by Brenda Stokes Barron
The Butterfly Collection of Miss Letitia Willoughby Forbes by Alma Alexander
Mr. White Umbrella by Georgina Bruce
Sons of the Law by Hal Duncan
Stolen Souls by Mike Allen (Reprint)
Three Tales of the Devil’s Wife by Carmen Lau
Vérité by D. Harlan Wilson

Mike Allen (special feature)
Seed the Earth, Burn the Sky
Sisyphus Crawls

Self-portrait by Shweta Narayan
'cubus by Dan Campbell
At the Crossroads of the West by J. C. Runolfson
Life Decisions by Kaolin Fire
Black Sheep by Jacqueline West
Clones evaporate faster by Kristine Ong Muslim

Alexa Chats with... Hal Duncan & Brent Weeks
Life is Suffering: The Writer's Point of View, Being a Discussion with Hal Duncan & Mike Allen, Conducted by Alexandra Seidel
This Inscrutable Light: A Response to Thomas Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, Editorial by Brandon H. Bell

Issue Three, cover art by E.M. Jensen
ISBN-13: 9780983170945 ISBN: 0983170940
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A Spectacular Display by Beth Cato
First National Forum on the Position of Minorities in Malaysia by Zen Cho
The Singularity of Puppies by Michael Furlong
First Born by Samantha Kymmell-Harvey
The Jelly Fish Queen by Jaelithe Ingold
Twelve Days of Dragons by Mari Ness
Two Steps Forward by Sandra Odell
The Lesson of the Pheonix by Julia Rios
The City at Night by Jeremy Schliewe

Relative Weights and Measures by Bruce Boston
Cartographer's Ache and
Blodeuedd (with notes) by Robert Stutts
Green Rushes by J.S. Watts
In Defiance of Sleek-Armed Androids by Lisa Bradley

Mike Allen Interview and
Hal Duncan review  by Alexandra Seidel

Fantastique Unfettered #2 (Unless)
ISBN 978-0-9831709-2-1
ISBN-13: 978-0983170921
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Fantastique Unfettered: Issue Two (Unless) Table of Contents
Dividing Lines by Lawrence Conquest
Every Mother's Child by Therese Arkenberg
Glorious Madness by Jude-Marie Green
I Remember Jenny by Michael Pignatella
Me and Susan Smiling at the Beach by Jeremy Schliewe
Red Truck by William "Bill" C Rasmussen
The Dollhouse by Magen Toole
Wagon Trail by John Moran
We Are Family by Simone Martel

The Kemetian Husesen Craze
Ed W. Robertson
Alexa Chats... With Rose Lemberg, and reviews of issues one and two of Stone Telling by FU's new poetry editor Alexandra Seidel
Hail Caesar: Creative Commons and the Small Press, an editorial by Brandon H. Bell
Then Cried Arthur
Peter Chiykowski
Luis Beltran, Mari Kurisato, Chelsea Brandt, and a sneak peek at issue three cover art by Evan M. Jensen


Fantastique Unfettered #1 (Kalpa)
ISBN-13: 9780983170914 
ISBN: 0983170916

Fantastique Unfettered: Premier Issue (Kalpa) Table of Contents
The Aetheric God by Kaolin Fire
A Blessing from the Blind Boy by Alan Frackelton
The Book of Barnyard Souls by Mary J. Daley
Boris by Annam Manthiram
Death of a Soybean (The Secret of Soy Atomic Fuscia) by J. Michael Shell
The Driftwood Chair by Michael J. DeLuca
Five Oak Leaves by Elizabeth Creith
Holding Hands by Christopher Green
Small Fish in the Deep Blue Sea by Frank Ard
Without a Light by Natania Barron
Breaking the Spell by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz (originally published in Philippine Speculative Fiction volume four)
The Time Traveler Leaves History Behind  (and)
Portrait of My Dead Brother with Burning Wing by Bruce Boston
In Babel by Alexandra Seidel
Cover Art "Death of a Soy Bean" & Design by M.S. Corley
Reprint Illustration for Breaking The Spell by Mari Kurisato
Teaser for Issue Two (Unless) cover illustration by Luis Beltran

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